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[18+] Virgin Concerto (Full Movie)

  • Movie Name: Virgin kyôsôkyoku: Sore yuke junpaku pantsu! (2019)
  • MyDramaList Link 
  • CODE: okuram-668
  • Director: Haruhi Oguri
  • Star-cast: Aika (Jinguji Nao), Haruna (Karina Nishida), Nana (Nao Fujikawa), Tomoyo (Tsuki Goto)
  • Genres: Erotic | Sex-Comedy
  • Quality: 480p | 720p | 1080p (HD)
  • Language: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English Subs
Virgin Concerto is a 2019 Japanese Erotic Pink film  ,
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  • Native Title: バージン協奏曲 それゆけ純白パンツ!
  • Also Known As: Bajin Kyousoukyok Sore Yuke Junpaku Pantsu! , Virgin Concerto , バージン協奏曲, Virgin kyôsôkyoku: Sore yuke junpaku pantsu!
  • Genres: Mature
  • Tags: Pink Film, Nudity, Extreme Sexual Content .

Virgin Concerto Go with pure white pants! (2019) – Storyline/Plot:

Aika, a university student, returns to her hometown during summer vacation. She was born with pubic hair and had a complex about it, and she had never had any experience with men.
Aika heads to a summer festival at a shrine with her local friends, Haruna, Nana, and Tomoyo. There, the girls witness their high school senior, whom they call “Sister”, having sex in the precinct.
The excited four of them take off their yukata and try to relax at Aika’s house. Aika’s sister shows up and points out that her pants are unfashionable, and it turns out that all of them are actually virgins.
Haruna, a Yankee, has a boyfriend, but he is worried about Haruna’s small breasts, so she doesn’t act on him. Nana, a Christian, is not allowed to have sex, and Tomoyo, a doujinshi, has no interest in real men.
The four of them are found by the sister, and she is questioned about having been peeping on them. When the girls talk about their situation, the sister is surprised and tells her that if she doesn’t have sex with him by the end of the summer, he’ll tell her that she’s a virgin. Of the four, Billi makes up her mind and tries to lose her virginity by playing a punishing game of masturbation in front of everyone.
Aika sets her sights on her junior, who has been in love with her since before her, but she fails as she just can’t show her crotch. Tomoyo goes out to dinner with a man she met on social media, but she doesn’t like everything he does, so he leaves. Nana visits her former high school teacher, but he says that he cannot take away her sacred virginity. Haruna tries to meet her boyfriend, Kazuya, but her long-awaited relationship is a disaster, and they end up fighting and breaking up.
As one by one announces their plans to retire, Aika, who can’t give up, comes up with her own unique plan…

Review of Virgin Concerto (2019 Film):

Aika (Jinguji Nao), a university student, returns to her hometown during summer vacation. Aika has an outstanding figure, but she was not born with pubic hair and has no experience with men. When I went to a local summer festival with my girlfriend’s friends Haruna (Karina Nishida), Nana (Nao Fujikawa), and Tomoyo (Tsuki Goto), I met a senior from their school who they called “Sister” behind the shrine grounds. (Hoshimi Rika) is witnessed having sex with a man. The four get excited, but it turns out that all of them are virgins…

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