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Download [18+] Rain Basera – Part 1 & 2 [In Hindi] WEBRip 480p 720p 1080p HD [Indian  Erotic WEB-Series] ,
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[18+] Rain Basera – Part 1 & 2 (Season 1) ULLU

  • Original Title: Rain Basera (2023)
  • Director:  Pradeep Ghonsikar
  • Star-cast: Bharti Jha (Deepa), Hiral (Urmi), Kailash Vyas ( Surmesh )
  • Genres: Erotic | Drama  | TV Show
  • Quality: 480p | 720p | 1080p (HD)
  • Language: Hindi
  • Free Download or Watch Online on lordfix
Rain Basera  is a 2023 Hindi Language Indian Erotic WEB Series by ULLU  ,
Part 1 & 2 Now Available on lordfix.xyz.

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Rain Basera (2023) Ullu Originals Hindi Web Series [All Episode ] WEB-DL 1080p 720p 480p HD :


Rain Basera - Part 1 Season 1 (TV Series)
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Rain Basera Part 1 – Episode 1 –  

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Rain Basera Part 1 – Episode 2 –  

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Rain Basera Part 1 – Episode 3 –  

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Rain Basera Part 2 – Episode 4 –  

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Rain Basera Part 2 – Episode 5 –  

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Rain Basera Part 2 – Episode 6 –  

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Rain Basera Part 3 – Episode 7 –  

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Rain Basera Part 3 – Episode 8 –  

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Rain Basera Part 3 – Episode 9 –  

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Rain Basera – Part 1 & Part 2 (2023) – Storyline/Plot:

The latest erotica-drama series on ULLU, Rain Basera, is about the people of a small village. The creators have released a brief clip from the show to show what it’s all about.

The most recent clip opens with a beautiful woman selling stolen sunglasses and watches for very little money at the village market. One of her partners steals the customers’ wallets in plain sight as she draws all of the customers’ attention to her product. She also attracts the attention of a young boy from the city who has just arrived in the village.

When they lock their eyes on one another, they appear to win each other’s love and became hopelessly enamored. The police arrive at the marketplace to conduct a search of all of the thieves selling stolen goods. The new stranger shields the village woman from the police and hides her in an ally while the village woman flees to avoid being arrested. She expresses thanks to him and takes him to her lair. When she reaches the residence of her criminal partner, she scolds him for running away from the market but failing to save her from the police.

She informs her partner that the new guy wants to join their team but declines. She continues to rebel against him, claiming that he saved her and will join their team as a result. While she tells him to stop, the partner attempts to stage a fight and start a scene. She moves on and takes the stranger to her house to feed him.

“Sabak ishq ka sikhaye kise, Mohabbat hai tum se bataye kise, Tum aankh mund kar chal diye yuu, Hum hai Teri ishq mein andhe yeh dekhye kise (sic)” is the special caption that was included with the release of the most recent video.

18+ Rain Basera – Part 1 (Season 1) 2023 (Complete) [Indian Series] 

Review of Rain Basera – Part 1 & Part 2 (2023 TV Series):

Rain Basera Part 1 2023 Ullu Originals Hindi Web Series Ep 1-2-3

ULLU is back with a brand new thriller-erotic series named Rain Basera.

Deepa and her husband are small time crooks, who make a living out of selling stolen and smuggled goods in the village. Deepa’s life changes drastically when a young guy from the city, Rohan fortuitously meets Deepa and starts working with them, only to realize an attraction budding between Rohan and Deepa.

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Ullu has a web series called Rain Basera. People are eager to learn more about Rain Basera’s second chapter. This article provides comprehensive information regarding Rain Basera Part 2. Read on for more information. The main character of Rain Basera begins the second chapter by apologizing to his boyfriend for the previous night. He demands that she accept his apology. She agrees with his terms. She was moving along the road when two men inquired about her decision to keep two men in her life while she always taught them lessons about innocence. She claims that he has sex with both of them, but why are they interested in it? She asserts that lust consumes each man. They all want to have sexual experiences.

She claims that her husband can even gamble on her. The same thing is shown to be said by his husband as well. He claims to be her husband and has the ability to gamble with her. He expressed this by holding her neck. It shows her crying. The trailer ends here. The story is for the most part showing different sides of the young lady. On one side, she is depicted as a seductive woman who is maintaining relationships with multiple men. On the other hand, she is shown to be fed up with the men’s pure lust and desire to sell or use her. How will she respond? Is her boyfriend truly unique? Which arc will the narrative take?

The eagerly anticipated second installment of the Rain Basera series will premiere on Friday, April 14, 2023. Ullu has all that whether it’s sentiment, rush, tension, or show. A brief look at the story is shared previously. Trust you like it. You can undoubtedly observe any series. You only need to visit the website or download the app. If you don’t want to interrupt your entertainment, a subscription is best. No new series can be watched without a subscription. All of this dealt with Rai Basera Part 2

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