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[18+] The Night Belongs to Lovers (Full Movie)

  • Movie Name: La nuit aux amants (2021)
  • IMDb Rating: 5.9/10
  • Quality: 480p | 720p | 1080p (HD)
  • Director: Julien Hilmoine
  • Star Cast: Laura Müller, Schemci Lauth
  • Language: French
  • Subtitles: English Subs
  • Genres: Erotic | Drama | Romance
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The Night Belongs to Lovers is a 2021 French Erotic film  ,
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Also Known As (AKA): La nuit aux amants | One-Night-Stand – Nacht ohne Tabus | Ночь принадлежит нам | Gece Aşıkların .

The Night Belongs to Lovers (2021) – Storyline/Plot:

An encounter. Between waves and cliffs. The night. In a week, he gets married. For years, she no longer believes in pleasure. They meet. They play. They speak. They want each other. As a gift – unconditionally. Like a dance – on the edge of the void. For one night. One night only. Their only night.

Review of The Night Belongs to Lovers (2021 Film):

Two old schoolmates, a boy and a girl, run into each other by luck. Circumstances are such that they are forced to spend a night together, alone with their secrets, their desires and their sexual urges. The night they spend together will be full of disclosure, extremely sexual and in its own way overwhelming. With two courageous and photogenic leads, gem-like dialogues, youthful simmering desire in every frame and stunningly titillating, one of the highly-promising French directors offers up a surprise debut, arousing in more than one sense and indicative of how a film can be exciting even if only two actors are in it.

If you make love more than once in a one night stand, is it still called a one night stand? It all still happens during one night, so I guess there is no name change. It just sounds like you’re cheating on .. your cheating. Anyway, the title is kind of a giveaway, but I still decided to tag the warning, in case someone might feel uncomfortable. Though it may not just be because of the fact I’ll be talking some plot points.

To be honest though: yes this has nudity, but other movies have gone way further than this one has. There is nothing explicit here. There is still more than a fair amount of … love making (I think that is the most pc way to call it, right?). Two people meeting under the right circumstances (or wrong ones) and just going at it. Of course there is more than that – quite a lot of talking and trying to figure out what the other person is about. Some psychology is involved here too. And the woman is even wearing a cross while doing things (a major sin actually) … she or rather they shouldn’t be doing. Still the movie is well made and if the drama floats your boat and you don’t mind to get … hot and bothered the “right” way, there are worse choices. Actors are quite good too, the ending may be dissapointing or exactly the right touch – it will be up to you to decide what to make of it.