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[18+] Love Hunter: Lust (Full Movie)

  • Movie Name: 恋の狩人 欲望 (1973)
  • IMDb Rating: 5.2/10
  • Director: Yamaguchi Seiichiro
  • Genres: Erotic | Drama | Romance | Thriller
  • Quality: 480p | 720p | 1080p (HD)
  • Language: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English Subs
Love Hunter: Lust (Koi no karyudo: Yokubo) is a Japanese Erotic film  ,
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Love Hunter: Lust (1973) – Storyline/Plot:

Toda, a disillusioned journalist that was once a part of the student movement, recalls his former youth when he meets a confident young woman through his work.

  • Native Title: 恋の狩人 欲望
  • Also Known As: Koi no karyudo: Yokubo
  • Screenwriter & Director: Yamaguchi Seiichiro .

Review of Love Hunter: Lust (1973 Film):

恋の狩人 欲望 Love Hunter: Lust – A disillusioned former student activist turned journalist falls in love with a charming, intelligent young representative of a new generation of radicals.

Director Seiichirō Yamaguchi attempts to fit a mature political story within the constrains of a soft porno (“pink eiga”); the sex scenes are the least interesting parts of the movie. A pessimistic take on the possibilities of any kind of activism to achieve its goals. The protagonist’s generation completely failed to achieve anything meaningful while the new radicals seem to think porn is the answer, children playing at shocking the bourgeoisie.

As a movie, it’s very much of its time, in its political themes but also its treatment of the female characters, here existing mainly to provide motivation for the male protagonist.

Flawed, but interesting.

Author: lucifer