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[18+] Happy End (Full Movie)

  • Movie Name: Haepi Endeu (해피엔드 1999)
  • IMDb Rating: 6.7/10
  • Director: Jung Ji Woo
  • Star-cast: Choi Min Shik, Jeon Do Yeon, Joo Jin Mo
  • Genres: Erotic | Crime | Drama | Romance
  • Quality: 480p | 720p | 1080p (HD)
  • Language: Korean
  • Subtitles: English Subs
Happy End is a 1999 Korean Erotic film  ,
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Happy End is a South Korean film released in 1999. Written and directed by Jung Ji-woo, the film is about a woman (Jeon Do-yeon) who has an affair while her husband (Choi Min-sik) is struggling to find employment .

  • Native Title: 해피엔드
  • Also Known As: 해피 엔드 , Haepi Endeu
  • Screenwriter & Director: Jung Ji Woo
  • Genres: Thriller, Romance, Drama, Mature
  • Tags: Prolonged Nudity, Businesswoman Female Lead, Unemployed Male Lead, Jealousy, Infidelity, Erotic, Nudity, Extreme Sexual Content, Violence, Love Triangle .

Happy End (1999) – Storyline/Plot:

Min Ki is an unemployed banker. He now takes over the domestic roles of the house: cooking, cleaning, and watching the baby. In his free time, he watches soap operas and reads romance novels. Meanwhile, his wife Bo Ra works at an English language institute and is having an affair with a former lover. One day, Min Ki accidentally stumbles upon a key, that belongs to his wife, and is unfamiliar.

Choi Bora is a successful career woman who becomes involved with her ex-lover, Kim Il-beom. Her home life is a snore: she’s mother to an infant child and her husband, Seo Min-ki has lost his job, leaving her as the family’s sole breadwinner. It’s unclear if she is with Il-beom just for the sex or for the passion, both of which Min-ki seems incapable of giving. But it seems the jobless Min-ki hasn’t been just wandering around parks and reading romance novels as first thought; he knows something is going on, and he’s collecting evidence. She is unable to stop going back to Il-beom even though she seems physically and emotionally damaged by their continued affair. Il-beom has realized that he is hooked on her, and is very aware of his jealously-driven actions toward her and her family. Without each other, they have no passion in their lives, and so they must keep going back to each other.

Hwang Mi Seon, Kwon Young Kyung

Review of Happy End (1999 Film):

Actress Do-yeon Jeon captivated me when she played a sad scene in ‘Secret Sunshine’. Her acting in that moment was so good I felt grief. For it, she became the first Korean actor to win the Cannes Award and, many years later, the first Korean actor to be a judge at Cannes.

Do-yeon Jeon making out with a guy standing up as they undress, ending up naked on her back as the guy goes down on her briefly before having sex. She then rolls over on top of him and rides him, showing her butt along with her breasts. From Happy End (AKA Haepi-endeu).

Do-yeon Jeon lying in bed with a guy, her nightie off her shoulders to show her breasts as she kisses him and then puts her leg around him as they begin to have sex. We then see her lying on her back, seen topless from above while in bed next to the guy afterward.

Jumping back to her early career was juxtaposition because ‘Happy End’ begins with a 3-minute sex scene. My heart-breaking memory of her was replaced by her perfectly naked body. Bye-bye intellectualism and praise the Koreans for being quicker to undress than the Japanese.

But the movie became much more than a hard-on. It’s one of the few that are good from the region prior the millennium. It left me melancholic because I identified with all the characters in the love triangle.

Admiring the subtle yet powerful handling of the film, I wikipediaed that the director was Ji-woo Jung, he who made the tasteful and insightful lolita drama ‘The Muse’.